Who We Are

President: Scott Tarantino (SMS)

Vice President: Erinne Silver (SMS)

Secretary: Liz Dickinson (Heights)

Treasurer: Shannon Motyka (Cottage)

Building Reps

Early Childhood: Sarah Keough

Cottage:  Deidre Keimach , Amber Matton , Sara Parker , Cathy Hichens

East Elementary: Nicholle Peixinho, Meaghan Doherty, Maureen Chaisson

Heights Elementary: Cathy Friedman, Kate Doppelt, Jodi Carr – IA

S.M.S.: Elise Coulibaly, Sally Lehr

S.H.S.: Andrew Tessier, Stacy Newman, Mary Nitschke

Negotiation Committee

Unit A and B:

Elementary: Rebecca Fuller

S.M.S.: Shawn Flaherty

S.H.S.: Andrew Tessier

Unit B: OPEN

At-Large: Thor VanVaerenewyck

At-Large: Kirsten Pajka

Unit C:

EC: OPEN 3 year term

Elementary: OPEN

MS: Michelle Paluzzi

HS:  Jessica Gabriel

At-large: Jodi Carr At-large: Tedra Green

Professional Rights and Responsibilities [PR+R]

Cottage: OPEN

East Elementary: Beth Henry/Kara Burr

Cottage Elementary: Lisa Gillman/Kate Ackerman

Heights Elementary:Elaine Martin

S.M.S.: OPEN (‘22)

S.H.S.: Pete Schoonmaker

At-Large: OPEN

IA 1 year term: 

Sick Bank Committee (2 year term): 

Deborah Pruell, East

Glenn Shiebler, S.H.S. 

Joint Health and Safety Task Force: 

Elementary: Cathy Friedman, Heights

Middle School: Valerie Ordway, SMS

High School: OPEN

Admin: OPEN 

Other Positions

Norfolk County Teachers Association Representative: Chris Brillant, S.H.S

Retired Member Liaison [non-voting]: Judy Brown 

STA New Member Liaison: 

MTA Board of Directors, District 30E: Bernadette Murphy 

MTA Uniserv Representative: Stacey Rodriguez