Declaration on School Committee Chair

The members of the Sharon Teachers Association have no confidence in School Committee Chair Judy Crosby’s ability to effectively shape the education of the students of Sharon Public Schools, to lead the Sharon School Committee, to oversee SPS Administration, or to conduct timely and fair negotiations with the STA.

Judy Crosby has lost the confidence of STA members for the following reasons:

  1. Crosby’s hostile, unprofessional, and dismissive treatment of educators, district administrators, parents, and other members of School Committee.
  1. Crosby’s unwillingness to productively engage with the STA bargaining team has unnecessarily prolonged negotiations over SPS’s plan to safely educate students during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of September 10th the STA negotiations team has been waiting for School Committee to return to the negotiating table. Educators’ current working conditions have not been bargained and are unsustainable.
  1. Crosby’s continual dismissal and minimization of teacher health and safety concerns, specifically HVAC issues, has created a climate in which teachers feel unvalued and unappreciated, and puts both staff and students at risk.    
  1. The limited measures taken to ameliorate the health and safety issues in the buildings, particularly to address HVAC repairs in school buildings, have not been sufficient. The district is also short of necessary personal protective equipment to safely reopen schools.
  1. Crosby’s use of School Committee meetings to spread misinformation and to promote disrespect toward faculty and staff.
  1. Crosby’s persistent undermining of district educators’ expertise forced Sharon High School to change the number of sections of certain courses AGAINST the advice of the building Principal, the Dean of Academic Affairs, and Curriculum Coordinators.
  1. Crosby has stonewalled requests for information from select community members and educators, precluding both parties from participating and engaging in the democratic process.  
  1. Crosby has failed to build consensus and partnerships crucial to a healthy and vibrant school district.

In summary, Crosby’s actions have created a hostile work environment for educators, causing many to apply for leaves, and many more to consider leaving for good.  Her actions are decimating our teaching force and could lead to a degradation in the quality of education available to students in Sharon.

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